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Wedge Tailed Eagle

Limited Edition /25 Fine Art Print A1 Size

 “MUM!........EAGLE!” My youngest bellows from the back seat of the car. She is my little eagle eye! My eldest, quickly identifies the species. I cannot help being amused by their enthusiasm and it does make my heart skip a beat with delight and make me smile!

Raptors are my favourite bird! I would say this is one of my all-time favourite paintings.

This piece was inspired by a beach day exploring with my girls. We walked to the beautiful place called ‘The Porches’, just north of the Denison River. There you will find some very cool tessellated rock formations at low tide and some sweet little sandstone caves…big enough to sit inside and have a picnic.

We played amongst the rocks and caves, created some environmental art on the beach with shells, leaves and driftwood. We ran from the sea with wet hands to imprint them on the rocks, dreaming of a time and lifestyle that existed long before we were born. At that moment, we were graced with the sight of a beautiful Wedge-tailed Eagle, almost as if it were watching over us and approving of our day-dreaming thoughts.

 A timely reminder perhaps of the things in life we need to teach our children. Our natural and cultural existence is essential for creating a sense of place!

Love my home! East Coast Tasmania.

 My love for wildlife has been richly rewarded living on the East Coast. More recently, I fulfilled an ultimate wildlife encounter - ‘bucket list stuff’! It has both calmed my soul but ignited a desire for more; that moment that takes your breath away. With every wildlife encounter I embrace hope! I Hope these moments last a lifetime...not mine, but that of my inquisitive children!

Prints can be purchased as print only or frame ready options. (Frame ready included mount and foam core backing). 

Prints are produced using a sophisticated digital reproduction system and the highest quality archival processes currently available. The images are printed with pigment ink on a 100% cotton rag archival paper and will last over 100 years.